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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

One way to make extra money is to work from home during free time, which many times later become our main source of income and we achieve financial freedom by while managing our time.

Sometimes we feel very tight economically and we don't know what to do. At another time we can come up with an idea, but we don't know how to carry it out because we don't have the tools or the skills to do it.

Generally, when we want to develop a new plan, we need someone to motivate and guide us. But if at the time of carrying out our plan I just ask the wrong people, they will probably demotivate us and say that we cannot because they do not know how to execute the project and believe it is impossible.

If you want to increase personal finances through an extra business or work you must consider two steps:

1- You must know what to do and how to do it

Increasing finances is not a matter of one day saying "today I will increase my finances", or for example "from today my economic situation will change".

Many who believe in positive thoughts and energies would say "if you think your finances will increase, they will increase", but the reality is that it is not that easy.

To increase finances, an action must be carried out. Logically, you should think about what you want to do something, have clear and specific objectives, think that you can do it, but the most important thing is the action.

To start acting on increasing finances you must take time to think about what to do and how to do it. This implies many details to consider because sometimes someone can give an idea of ​​what worked for you, but it doesn't have to work with you.

To be clear about what to do to increase finances and how to carry out the plan, you must have practical options based on your reality and even your personality and skills. For example, you cannot look for an extra job as a salesperson if you are a shy person and have difficulty relating to others.

2- Execute the plan

After you have thought about what you could do and how you should start executing the plan that will increase finances. Many times the mentor has an active role in this part since it will give ideas of the steps to follow or motivate you in difficult times with the challenges that are presented.

The plan must be well-established step by step and with well-defined goals. Think of possible challenges and their possible solutions as you move forward.

Possible solutions

Below is a list of things you can do to increase your finances, none applies to all people, although some of them do not require specific skills. Also, if you choose any, it will depend on your interests.

All the tools to increase personal finances are aimed at training the interested person. By clicking on the one that may interest you, you can find more detailed information and in such a way realize if that way of increasing finances is in line with your interests and personality.

Some of those resources already have a brief description of the blog, while others are missing for more details. You could to subscribe and receive updates of future publications about each of them.

Choose the one that best fits you:

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