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How to Build an Online Business From Nothing? | Scammer vs Real Guru | Experts and Newbies

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Many of us promote products and training on the internet, but not all of them are real. There are differences between each other and here we will explain them to you.

In reality, not all those who do not have results are scammers, some just do not have enough experience to consolidate or the business they promote.

In these times of crisis, many people claiming to be internet business experts have disappeared, it seems that they have not competed with the crisis.

However, others have found opportunities to continue and earn money when others have fallen and it does not mean that the crisis has not affected them.



He goes straight to the point, is fairly confident, and answers key questions clearly and bluntly.


You feel insecure and do not understand the processes or what it sells, it leaves many doubts in the air.



People always find someone to speak out even if reality shows otherwise. Experts have real followers and many, no matter how many criticize or speak negatively of them.


No one speaks ill of them or the critics, it is also logical that very few people are known. On the other hand, they have more critics than the people who follow them.

Real Results


Talk about results, more results, and more results. On many occasions, they can show figures that seem irrational or unreal, but they are results that are found in experience and hard work.


It will show you a fantasy world where you can get rich overnight without much or no effort.

Internet businesses are just like any other business, they need effort and dedication. Some progress faster than others due to the daily time they spend, the desire to innovate, education and search for information about their business, discipline, and follow the steps suggested by experts.

Each guru or expert has had an instructor who has assisted or guided him. It is difficult to start an online business without a guide, I would not say that it is impossible, but it takes 30 times more investment and 100 more times.

Many internet business experts wanted to make their own alone and make a lot of mistakes that they would learn, but also to invest the time and money that they put in saving if they had looked for a tutor from the start.

In almost 100% of cases, when someone tries to start an online business on their own, they invest the money that several courses cost without obtaining results. In the end, they are forced to invest more money and seek advice from someone in order to get results.

Here is a list of experts in internet business, affiliate marketing, and related. They know about it, they are Gurus and they can help you save time and money. Check out each one of those programs, and choose the best for you.

1- Overnight Millionaire and Done For You (Newbies) Affiliate Marketers by Wesley Virgin

2- Super Affiliate System Pro and Work-At-Home Secrets & Internet Jetset by John Crestani

3- YT Affiliate Profit Course

4- ClickBank University

Wesley Virgin

John Crestani


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