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How Monetize my YouTube Channel and Facebook Fan Page?

Shortly ago only Youtube monetized videos, but now Facebook also offers that opportunity with eligible criteria. Here I will tell you how can monetize both in less than a month.

Monetizing Youtube

The dream of many is to become a YouTuber and be famous. While for others it is a business tool and is seen as a mechanism to make money.

The reality is that many have been lucky enough to upload videos on YouTube and they have quickly gone viral, therefore their channel becomes famous in a short time.

On the other hand, most take time to monetize the YouTube channel, since the creator must win over the public and keep uploading content.

Many do not even start the creation of the YouTube channel for fear of what others would think or say. Generally, those who make decisions through the opinion of others, never get to do anything.

In my experience as a YouTuber, I have noticed that many can get 1,000 subscribers quickly, but the 4,000 hours seem like an eternity. Since Youtube criteria for monetization are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months, if you reach the year, they count from the last 12 to the date.

In one of my channels, I was able to get the hours first, since certain videos went viral, but many viewers did not subscribe to the channel and although it was constantly getting subscribers, it took a little longer.

For many, it is frustrating to work for months and in certain cases, for years without having many results, but it does not have to be that way.

There are ways to speed up the YouTube channel monetization process, including organically obtaining the 1000 subscribers and the 4000 hours required in a week.

When I talk about organic monetization of the YouTube channel I mean real subscribers who see the content of your channel and in a week you can have your channel monetized.

Monetizing Facebook

As mentioned above, now Facebook is offering monetization for people who have a large following and want or are famous.

An influencer can easily make money from monetization not only on YouTube but also on Facebook.

Since this last type of monetization is relatively new, many still do not have the knowledge and so that you can inform yourself, I will tell you the criteria you need to monetize Facebook.

Remember, the monetization criteria can change at any time, so if you have seen the article after a while of being published, find out if the criteria are still the same or have changed.

Right now, the criteria to monetize Facebook are the following:

1- You must have a fan page since personal profiles are not monetized.

2- You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers on your Facebook fan page.

3- Generate at least 30,000 views of your videos with a minimum of 1 minute of view on your videos.

4- The videos must be a minimum of 3 minutes long. Videos shorter than 3 minutes do not qualify for monetization.

5- The mentioned requirements are effective for the last 60 days.

6- You must be at least 18 years old and live in a country eligible for in-stream ads.

For many, monetizing Facebook is a bit easier, since it is then to get followers through friends already in the profile.

In the same way as YouTube, for people who find it difficult to get the necessary followers with the hours and views required for monetization, there are ways to speed up the process in a week organically.

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