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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Tools and resources to get a job or a better one. Full-time, part-time, remote, internships, contracts. Different languages and countries to choose from.

Creative Job Central

This is a Job Search site that works in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. The categories they specialize are administrative, designer/design, event assistant, marketing/sales, photography, planner/coordinator, producer/production, project management, promoter, public relationships, and others. The opportunities are from internship to senior level.


This is a worldwide job finder site which is in English, Spanish, German, Polish and Swiss. They are also working with many branded companies which some of them work internationally. This website is for candidates as well as employers. They have permanent jobs, by contract, internship, temporary, projects, remote and more.


They write resumes that give the warranty to get a job. The applicant sends them all the needed information and ResumeWriters send a neat presentable resume with a cover letter within 24-72 hours.


This is good for people who would like to work in The United States with an H1B visa (Work Visa). The site specializes in helping people to target sponsors to work in the USA.


TEFL is a training institute from Ireland dedicated to teaching online or abroad. They recruit people for different teaching positions around the world. This is good for people who like to travel and know different cultures.


Their job is to help you optimize your resume and cover letter to be more attractive to recruiters. Jobscan is also connected with Linkedin, which helps you to optimize your profile for better opportunities.

Tutor Jobs Online

Tutor Jobs is a platform with more than 120 tutoring opportunities from different countries and languages. As the name says, all tutors do the job online.

Survey Junkie

This is a survey website which pays people only for giving their opinion. Only available for the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers

This Guide can help you to practice possible questions and answers in a job interview. This method prepares and empowers the candidate for a sure opportunity.

More new job posting the next days...

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