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Within these, in recent years new products and mechanisms have emerged with which to operate and be able to earn money quickly, always the result of high volatility Binary options are an investment system that bets on the rise or fall in the price of underlying assets that are quoted in a stock market during a given time.


There are two types of systems, cash or nothing or all or nothing options or digital options. The amount is earned if at the expiration of the option it quotes above the amount paid (in-the-money) or nothing in the opposite case (out-the-money). This is a method that allows you to invest in virtually any financial instrument (currencies, stocks, raw materials, and others).


The other system is active or nothing, in which the value of the underlying asset price can be earned. The main characteristic of these products is that it is to predict if the price of goodwill rise or fall during a specific period and there are only two options, win or lose everything, hence the name of the binary, and where the Profitability can reach 50%, 70%, and 80%.


Naturally, it is a high-risk mechanism due to its volatility and the amounts at stake and where operations last for a very short time, sometimes up to a couple of minutes. Emulating a bidding system, and where speed in management plays a fundamental role with respect to other agents.

Binary options are OTC derivative instruments (over the counter) that are not quoted in an organized market: they are sold directly by the issuer to the buyer. This option of investment is based on predicting how the price of a given financial instrument will behave after a period of time, that is, whether it will rise or fall.


If we predict, our prediction we can obtain 100% of the amount we have invested plus a percentage that we know in advance (for example 85%) and that depends on the conditions of each binary options broker. If we fail to predict (it is said that the binary option has expired "out the money"), we will generally lose the total amount invested.

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